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Data | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence

Hi, my name is Etienne.

I have been working in data for approximately 20 years. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and through all of that built up some well-informed views on how data and AI can truly be transformative, if it is supported by great technology and pragmatic processes and practices. I am passionate about enabling people to use and contribute to data and data solutions, and make sure it is done in the right way and of course ethically, especially as we move into a much more shared economy.

I have a young daughter and am passionate about creating an equal world for her.

I am also, in my day job, the CTO and co-founder of a much-loved data analytics and artificial intelligence company, Exposé. Here, an amazing group of people, passionate about all things data, come together and create award winning data solutions across Australia. Feel free to check out our company blogs here.

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